The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquillity of the riverscape tells the story of nature. The emotion with the river and riverscape attracts many art seekers and art enthusiastic to dive into the beauty of the mother nature.

The life of Fisherman


The Story of the Fisherman lives in the bank of the river Padma.

The life


The philosophy of life.

The life of Fisherman


 The Story of the Fisherman lives in the bank of the river Padma. 

The art of the nature


The nature has itw own to paint, draw and express it's emotion.

The Color of the Padma river


The river Padma has its own unique beatuy.

The shades of life


The life has its unique shades varies with time.

The Solitude of the River Padma


The solitude of the river Padma tells the story about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. 

The Beauty of the River Padma

The mystic beauty of the river Padma

The mystic beauty of the river Padma attracts art seeker.

The Serenity of the River Padma


The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness.

The Joy of Childhood


The children were playing with the water splash near the river bank of the Padma.

The Life & Emotion


People's life, emotion, mood, feelings, sense, sensibility and etc.



The appreciation of the beauty of the river Padma.

Riverscape Panoramic Photographer

 I am a hobbyist Landscape photographer from Bangladesh, living in Australia. By profession, I am a software developer. I love to capture the variation of the light. The simple composition but in panoramic format is my passion.

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