When we look back to those days of our early childhood, we can see the playground we used to play in, the trees we used to climb and the sense of just playing and being a child enjoying those simple activities with fun and laughter. All of us return to a time of innocence, the only way back is through memories, and perhaps reminded by photographs and stories. The most influential part of this project was capturing the emotion of children playing with innocence, carefree happiness and joy. 

The mighty Padma River flows through the Rajbari district in Bangladesh. In the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The water is crystal clear and still warm enough to swim in, and the soft smooth light is perfect for photography. On the banks of the Padma River, we captured the expressions of sheer joy on the faces of children splashing in the river water. (Source: Extracted from the article published in Silvershotz - The Contemporary Photography Magazine 11 Edition 8)