The riverine country Bangladesh is a diversified reservoir of natural beauty. In the six different seasons, the river itself decorate in many forms! The nature lovers are overwhelmed by the beauty of the rivers. 

Each river is unique in its characteristics. The uplifted streams of the river became an enjoyable sight. It is like the forested deer, the rhythm, and the petals.  The riverscape of Bangladesh tells the story about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquillity of our riverscape, attract many art seekers to dive into the beauty of the Mother Nature. 

Since the beauty of the river and riverscape of Bangladesh is noticeable, I thought it would be the great opportunity to share the solitude of one of the mighty river in Bangladesh, the Padma river, to the world.  

"The solitude of the river Padma", was captured around the bank of the mighty river the Padma which flows through Rajbari district in Bangladesh.

The Padma river is a major trans-boundary river in Bangladesh and is downstream of the Ganges which originates in the Himalayas. The Solitude, peaceful, magical beauty and the scenic beauty of one of the deepest river of Bangladesh is "The solitude of the river Padma".